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Overview of Teeth Grinding and Sleep Disorders

There are different types of sleeping disorders that can be frequently visible in them who face trouble in sleeping. Teeth grinding is also known as Bruxism. This is an unconscious act where a person faces unexpected compressing of teeth together tightly. Teeth grinding and sleep disorders are deeply connected to each other. One can face acute disorder in sleeping due to the impatience in mind. There are various other reasons of sleeping but the effects of these disorders are so intense.

There are different types of teeth grinding that are available and these types include, awake bruxism and sleep bruxism. Awake bruxism happens when a person is not sleeping and it can happen in the morning. Awake bruxism is a sudden incident that people face while they are attacked by this kind of disorder. Sleep bruxism is just opposite to awake bruxism, it happens when a person is in deep sleep.

In the middle of the sleep, the affected person feel intense pain and the teeth will be clenching to each other. Teeth grinding and sleep disorders are more frequently seen in women than men. Bruxism may turn severe and sometimes it can turn into the fatal condition.

Causes of teeth grinding and sleep disorders

There are different causes that can lead to Teeth grinding and sleep disorders.

  1. Sleep arousals

If you follow the teeth grinding causes, you will find sleep arousals can be one of the most frequent ones. Doctors say that the affected person may face the increase in respiratory and cardiac activity in deep sleep and it can happen 15 times in an hour in the middle of the sleep. This particular disorder can be accompanied by the increase in muscle activity. Teeth grinding causes, other diseases accordingly.

  1. Psychological cases

Bruxism causes different other mental side effects and these effects include, anxiety, stress, and different other mental disorders. Teeth grinding symptoms are frequently seen in people who have the habit of working late night and there are some important factors.

  1. Other causes

If teeth grinding symptoms are followed carefully one can see different other causes of teeth grinding. Sometimes it is seen that there is abnormal alignment in the teeth. If a person gets affected by the disease of teeth grinding, he or she will see weird alignment in the teeth. Apart from this disease can give birth of ill habits such as smoking, drinking and much more.

Treatment of teeth grinding and sleeping disorders

Try to organize the sleep disorders

Most of the time, various sleep diseases arise due to the indifferent sleeping behavior. If a person does not get sound sleep, he or she may various disorders which can lead to different diseases.

Different medications and therapies

There are different types of teeth grinding treatment that are suggested by doctors. If all of these prescribed therapies are followed carefully from the beginning of the teeth grinding treatment, then one can easily overcome all of these disorders.

Stress management: Among various treatments, stress management is the most special one. If a person is facing anxiety, stress or mood disorders then he or she has to deal with these issues with due care. Meditation can be one of the most special treatments that one can see in this case. With a regular practice of meditation, one can reduce the mental stress and also reduce the chances of teeth grinding disorders.

Behavior therapy: You can get to know about different types of behavior therapies. If you see a doctor he will suggest some jaw muscle exercise that will further make the jaw muscle much flexible.

You should speak to your dentist practitioner

The moment you observe any kind of disorder, you should speak to your dentist and he will guide you further with different therapies or can prescribe you different medicines. People who are attacked by this chronic disease have to intake the medicines very strictly.

These are the sleep treatment and different causes discussed thoroughly. It is important to lead a routine life and there are some important factors which one needs to maintain to overcome all of these disorders. Every year thousands of patients are visiting to the doctor’s chamber after getting affected by this serious issue. However, instead of going the treatment, one can easily prevent the disorder. For this, one need to maintain a routine life and at the same one has gone through different types of therapies. Some of these therapies have been explained here in above and one can be aware of the causes of this disorder.