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Different Types of Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders

We all need a fair amount of quality sleep on a daily basis. We never have time to think about this. Our sleeping patterns are critical to our health. Late night shifts hamper our sleeping behavior and can cause us to become ill.

Our Circadian Rhythm and our busy schedules

The body needs seven to eight hours of sleep. If you don’t get time to rest, you may develop sleep disorders. Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders is one of the most prominent that can affect you.

There are different types of sleep treatment plans for this disorder which you can follow. Treatment for Circadian rhythm sleep disorders are available, and doctors recommend prescribed medication for it.

Types of Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders

Delayed sleep phase disorder

This particular disease is very common in younger children. Very young people are affected by this. This disease is common among individuals who go to sleep very late and wake up in the afternoon. Mostly in young people that go to sleep at 1 a.m. and wake up after 12 p.m the next day. Ten percent of these are chronic insomniacs.

Advanced sleep phase disorder

In this phase you will find that people are going to sleep on time but wake up much earlier. Among all the Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders, you will find the advanced sleep phase much common in adults and elderly people.

In this phase, people are going to sleep between 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and wake up in the middle of the night perhaps 2 a.m. This type of disorder is very common in adults. Adults are often suffering from sleepless nights because of these disorders. If let untreated it can cause different kinds of problems in the future.

Shift work disorder

This kind of Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder occurs when a person’s work schedule is at the normal sleeping time. When a person works night shift hours on a regular basis and sleeps in the morning. This kind of shift work disorder is frequently seen in them.

If one does not take care of it in earlier stages, then it can turn into a serious problem in the future.

Irregular sleep-wake rhythm

A person affected falls asleep irregularly. The patient can’t get to sleep, even at night. Furthermore, there are some important details to consider about this disorder.

The person suffering from this type of sleeping disorder may fall asleep frequently in the morning.

There will be a noticeable change in the sleeping behavior in this more serious of a sleeping disorder.

Treatment of circadian sleep disorder

Lifestyle change

One can easily get out of this and avoid the medication as well. For this to happen, one has to change work schedules immediately.


If the problem persists and turns serious, the patient may have to take medication. Circadian rhythm sleep sicknesses requires that you take different medication prescribed by doctors. The doctor prescribes some necessary medicines and the patient has to follow the prescriptions regularly for it to be effective.


Consult your physician to find out what the best treatment is for your specific health condition before embarking on a treatment plan or starting on any of the listed methods described in this article.