Detail study on delayed phase sleep disorder

Delayed phase sleep disorder is a disorder in which the sufferers sleep is postponed by 2 or more hours beyond the socially acceptable bedtime. This postponement in sleep brings difficulty in waking up at a proper time. As an example, instead of falling asleep at 10 o’clock and waking up at 6 am, delayed sleep phase disorder in children cannot sleep at the right time and so they wake up late

An overall idea about central sleep apnea

The term central sleep apnea implies to a group of sleeping/breathing disorders found in people who habitually stay up late without getting enough sleep. The breathing patterns in individuals who suffer from this condition can slow down and even stop. Central sleep apnea is associated with other disruptive sleep apnea conditions and can cause or initiate serious medical problems if left untreated. This condition is present in people who take

Different types of Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders

We all need a fair amount of quality sleep on a daily basis. We never have time to think about this. Our sleeping patterns are critical to our health. Late night shifts hamper our sleeping behavior and can cause us to become ill. Our Circadian Rhythm and our busy schedules The body needs seven to eight hours of sleep. If you don’t get time to rest, you may develop sleep

Overview of teeth grinding and sleep disorders

There are different types of sleeping disorders that can be frequently visible in them who face trouble in sleeping. Teeth grinding is also known as Bruxism. This is an unconscious act where a person faces unexpected compressing of teeth together tightly. Teeth grinding and sleep disorders are deeply connected to each other. One can face acute disorder in sleeping due to the impatience in mind. There are various other reasons

Reasons and symptoms for sleeping disorders in toddlers

Insomnia is a fatal word, and we generally want to stay away from it. It refers sleeping disorder, where typically patients are noted to suffer from sleeplessness. They remain sleepless at night, while they become quite sleepy at daytime. In some cases, the sufferer undergoes complete sleeplessness. Due to inadequate sleeping, a lot of physical troubles happen in addition. Vitamin problems, skin disorders, hair fall and several other problems take

Causes and healing sleeping disorders in teens

Insomnia is a growing concern throughout the world, and the reason is manly changed lifestyle of human beings. It has to be stated that young adults and working persons are mainly vulnerable to insomnia or sleeping disorder. They gain stress from their professional field, and they plunge into sleeplessness during night time due to heavy anxieties or stresses inside their head. Though working adults are mainly vulnerable, sleeping disorders in

Hidden facts of deep sleep disorder bedwetting

Bedwetting is a trouble caused by abnormally deep sleep, which prevents the bed wetter’s brain and bladder to link so they can efficiently respond to each other. Several reports have claimed that in most of the bedwetting cases, the core cause is sleeping so deeply. Basically, recent research has displayed that the habit has a genetic connection. Thus, it can be defined as an inherited deep-sleep disorder that results in

How to get sleep talking treatment

One of the most common sleeping disorders that is often seen in small children and toddlers is sleep talking, formally known as somniloquy. These “sleep talking” symptoms can be irritating for other members of the family and can cause the sufferer embarrassment. Most importantly though these symptoms are not so harmful in the initial stage but can be if left untreated. If you suffer from this seek treatment, especially if

Prominent sleepwalking symptoms that may become harmful

Sleepwalking is one of the common disorders that you may find in some people. People who walk in sleep generally start to do these abnormal acts within one to two hours after falling asleep. Sometimes these sleepwalking symptoms can be seen in the people for a few minutes or it can stay in them for a longer time of period. You can see these sleepwalking symptoms in kids more often

Brief information on parasomnias treatment

Before going for parasomnias treatment, you have to know about the details of this disease. The term ‘parasomnias’ refer to all the abnormal things which can occurred to human while sleeping, aside from ‘sleep apnea’. There are several instances which are sleep associated eating disorder such as sleep paralysis, sleepwalking nightmares, REM sleep behavioral disorder, sleep aggression etc. Sometimes, sexsomnia is named as ‘sleepsex’. It is regarded as a parasomnia.